Workday (Pleasanton, CA)  2015 – present

Workday is a cloud-based software vendor that specializes in human capital management and financial management applications.Workday is a pioneer in Software as a service business applications and known for its ease of use and quick implementation, compared with on-premises HCM and finance applications.

Headed Web Infrastructure and core widgets teams of full stack or devops engineers to improve efficiency of development,productivity,security and performance of Workday Web Client and micro-services. Scalability and performance expert that Headed Web Client production architecture and scalability efforts considering CDN,capacity,performance for the web application.Workday web client is an ajax application which retrieves millions of records and from various micro services.I worked directly with Vice President of Workday and was responsible for multiple web development teams.

Technology : JavaScript.jquery,Html5,css,sass,node js,bamboo,GWT,Java , spring, nodejs,Typescript,kotlin,protobuff,custom react like framework,junit,jasmine,Selenium Web driver, docket,aws

      • Hired and developed one of the few lean teams at workday of full stack or devops engineers with no QA to support end to end delivery and support.
      • Lead migration of Workday monolithic web app into Single Code line ,  javascript apis and into several independent micro-services that are async , light weight for the front and more easy to develop and release
      • Created a team to research next gen front end technology and find solutions to  hard and complex problems to improve performance and efficiency of workday application
      • Established world-class tooling and process for Workday Web Services to support continuous delivery/deployment in a microservices high scale cloud environment.
      • Scalability and performance expert that Headed Web Client production architecture and scalability requirements considering CDN,capacity,performance.
      • Continuous improvement of  development process to cut development to deployment efficiency by 75% by measuring against KPI’s including but not limited to performance,deployment automation and monitoring
      • Collaborated with other senior engineering and operations, infrastructure, and product team leaders to ensure new standards are rapidly adopted including but not limited toBuild pipelines and continuous delivery patterns
        • Sofware test and release verification tools & process
        • Change management
      • In the short time at WD headed and smoothly launched projects Workday front end on Workday Private Cloud , Workday front end on Workday Public Cloud ,Workday front end as  File Server Service on AWS,Websockets for Workday,Independent and Continuous Workday Client ,Workday logging microservice ,Workday Unified Authentication and integrations with workday acquisitions like gridcraft(worksheets),media core(videos)
      • Developed, collected, and evaluated KPI’s for engineering and operational efficiency, performance, reliability, supportability, recoverability, team capacity and team performance.