(817) 821-7752  zacdimple@yahoo.com


Customer-centric technology leader with over 20 years experience building, scaling, and managing large scale enterprise and e-commerce products. Experienced in scaling engineering, hiring, and managing major rewrites of complex applications and migration to cloud environments.Experienced leading full stack or Devops engineers for end to end delivery and support. Exemplary track record of high-velocity, needle-moving software delivery in fluid and fast-paced environments.  Passionate about building and guiding diverse teams to deliver top performance while maintaining the highest emphasis on quality.An entrepreneur employee who works passionately to make your business succeed


  • Lead migration of Workday monolithic web app into Single Codeline , several independent micro-services that are lighter weight and more easy to develop and release
  • Improved Workday Web Services  development process to cut development to deployment efficiency by 75%
  • Headed Highly scalable and distributed e-commerce site and end to end  services for affiliates, marketplace, order, payment, fulfillment, support  for 9 years with 20M+ page views and 1 billion products 
  • Converted Cafepress website to responsive design, leading to +35% mobile conversion.
  • Lead internationalization and localization efforts for Cafepress, extending the core platform into global markets in several currencies and languages which immediately added +20% incremental revenue.
  • Co-authored a high-performance e-commerce search engine that allowed Cafepress to scale from 10M to 1B products while providing fast, highly relevant, dynamically ranked results.
  • Drove thousands of continuous improvements to a retail platform grossing over $1B.
  • Converted Cafepress website to social site where you upload content with ease and follow designers, leading to +30% increase in content.


PlayStation  2017 – present

Senior Software Engineering Leader     

Heading PlayStation Developer Network platform development and operations with for US also known as PlayStation partner platform. Currently migrating applications to AWS using technologies like docker, kubernetes,java,Go, php, nodejs. react,angularjs ,spring, haproxy,aws s3,lambda,mongodb,dynamodb, postgres.

Workday (Pleasanton, CA)  2015 – 2017

Senior Software Engineering Leader                                                        

Workday is a cloud-based software vendor that specializes in human capital management and financial management applications.Workday is a pioneer in Software as a service business applications and known for its ease of use and quick implementation, compared with on-premises HCM and finance applications.

Headed  Infrastructure and web client and services teams of  full stack or devops engineers to improve the efficiency of development, productivity, security and performance of Workday Web Client and micro-services. Scalability and performance expert that Headed Web Client production architecture and scalability efforts considering CDN, capacity, performance for the web application. Workday web client is an ajax application which retrieves millions of records and from various microservices. I worked directly with Vice President of Workday and was responsible for multiple web development teams.

Technology : JavaScript.jquery,Html5,css,sass,node js,bamboo,GWT,Java , spring, nodejs,Typescript,kotlin, protobuff,custom react like framework,junit,jasmine,Selenium Web driver, GitHub, docker,Aws

      • Hired and developed one of the few lean teams at workday of a full stack or devops engineers with no QA to support end to end delivery and support.
      • Lead migration of Workday monolithic web app into Single Code line, javascript apis and into several independent micro-services that are async, lightweight for the front and more easy to develop and release
      • Created a team to research next-gen front end technology and find solutions to  hard and complex problems to improve performance and efficiency of workday application
      • Established world-class tooling and process for Workday Web Services to support continuous delivery/deployment in a microservices high scale cloud environment.
      • Scalability and performance expert that Headed Web Client production architecture and scalability requirements considering CDN,capacity,performance.
      • Continuous improvement of  development process to cut development to deployment efficiency by 75% by measuring against KPI’s including but not limited to performance,deployment automation and monitoring
      • Collaborated with other senior engineering and operations, infrastructure, and product team leaders to ensure new standards are rapidly adopted including but not limited toBuild pipelines and continuous delivery patterns
        • Software test and release verification tools & process
        • Change management
      • In the short time at WD headed and smoothly launched projects Workday front end on Workday Private Cloud , Workday front end on Workday Public Cloud ,Workday front end as  File Server Service on AWS,Websockets for Workday,Independent and Continuous Workday Client ,Workday logging microservice ,Workday Unified Authentication and integrations with workday acquisitions like gridcraft(worksheets),media core(videos)
      • Developed, collected, and evaluated KPI’s for engineering and operational efficiency, performance, reliability, supportability, recoverability, team capacity and team performance.

Cafepress.com  (San Mateo, CA) 2006 – 2015

Director of Engineering 

Cafepress is a leading e-commerce platform provider enabling customers worldwide to create, buy and sell a wide variety of customized and personalized products.  As Director of Engineering, I built and managed several lean teams of full stack or devops engineers across many products split between on and offshore, responsible for product development, QA and build/deploy/monitoring/support. I was also responsible for growing Cafepress.com, a top e-commerce destination with over 150M page views/day.  I achieved high feature velocity using Agile project management and nimble deployments to both AWS and in-house data centers, and I introduced several positive improvements to hiring and workflow processes. I worked directly with President of Cafepress.com and was responsible for budgeting, planning, recruiting, and implementing all operating initiatives across the retail engineering organization. Extensively worked with down-sized first tier operations team to migrate Cafepress site and services to AWS and plan and streamline hosting costs in AWS and the Data Center. We reduced AWS spending by 60% and software costs by 25%.As Software Engineering Manager, I built and managed onsite and remote teams to deliver both continuous improvements and large scale projects addressing the Retail customer experience like Cafepress Developer apis,Google/Amazon Product Integrations, Integrated CP subsidiaries as well as many partner systems including Amazon Marketplace, Ebay, Newegg, Groupon etc .In addition to  coaching junior developers, leading code and architecture reviews, and contributing key aspects to nearly every major project, I also worked closely with business owners to define specs, prioritize stories, and schedule releases.  As Engineering Lead, I was the primary full stack developer on projects such as Gift Certificates, new payment methods in checkout, traffic attribution tracking, and several retail redesigns.  I also co-authored the in-house search engine that has served as the core of Cafepress’s e-commerce engine, grossing over $1B while scaling to hundreds of requests/second on a catalog of nearly a billion products.In 2014 I lead development to replace first search engine with next generation search using elastic search

Earlier Experience 2000 – 2006

After earning my Masters in CSE with a 4.0 GPA, I joined Objectspace Inc as an Associate Engineer to build internal tools using Swing, JDBC and Java Applets.  Next, I joined I2, the world’s premier supply chain management company, as an Advanced Member of Technical Staff.  At I2, I implemented the internationalization and localization of the Large Scale Planner (LSP), an extremely scalable planning tool that is used for forecasting, inventory planning and supply-demand planning across a connected model, in a time-phased manner.  I then worked as a Senior developer at Corvero Networks, a telecommunications company whose platform integrates application data with a wide variety of disparate applications and presentation devices like PCs, IP phones, wireless phones, and PDAs.  Finally, I took a role as Senior Web Developer at Protrade Sports Inc, a sports entertainment company that uses live market buy/sell activity to establish a predictive market of athletes.


Business Vision, Leadership, Team Building, E-Commerce, Agile Project Management

Architecture OOP, AOP, SOA, Distributed Systems, Concurrency, ActiveMQ,Saas,User Interface,SaaS,Micro-services,Enterprise/Consumer Software,User Interface, ERP,HCM, Internationalization and localization

Languages C/C++, Java, C#, Ruby, Javascript, jQuery, Swift, Objective C

Persistence SqlServer, MySQL, MongoDB, Memcached,Redis

Frameworks Ruby on Rails, J2EE, MVC.NET, NetBeans, Spring

App Servers IIS, Tomcat, Jetty

TDD Cucumber, RSpec, JUnit, NUnit, Continuous integration

Search ElasticSearch, Lucene, Hadoop,Kafka,Zookeeper

DevOps AWS, EC2, docker,virtualization, Maven,Spring Boot  Kafka Zookeeper Bamboo Jenkins Team City

User Interface (Web, Mobile) : HTML5, CSS3, React ,AngularJS ,NodeJS ,Knockout.js, PhoneGap, Responsive design,IOS,Android 

Scrum (Agile, iterative development)   , 


MS in Computer Science Engineering, The UTA, TX GPA: 4.0 May 2000
B Tech in Chemical Engineering, The University of Kerala, India GPA: 3.8 August 1996

Honors and Activities

Sun Java 1.4 Certified Programmer
Member of Tau Beta Pi, Honor Society for Engineers
Member of Phi Beta Delta, Honor Society for International Scholars.

Sample Distributed systems and tradeoffs

Cafepress custom Search written in 2006 – indexer took ~13 hours for indexing cafepress catalogue and was later reduced  to 9 hours optimizing queries and using hadoop/map reduce.It was an offline indexing system.It was modified to handle real time updates by using message queues to capture updates and update index. indices were sharded across servers to improve performance.Search service was a multi layer service where requests were send to an aggregator service layer which was scattered to search slaves .The result was then aggregated result and returned.It was based on BASE and a highly available and performant system with 50-100ms response times.

Cafepress search was migrated to Elastic search a distributed search engine which includes indices that can be divided into shards, and multiple replicas in 2014-2015

Cafepress home grown A/B testing system(collect,analyze,adopt) and a data-driven mentality for all feature lauches for statistically significant  conversion lift  typically running experiemnts for at least 2-4 weeks and statistical significance at least 95%,continuous A/A testing,

Cafepress was modified to a social site with design feed(pull+push),follow designers,smart image upload adding in caching/load balancers(high availability)/sharding

Cafepress website/Workday app is horizontally scalable,secure and capable of handling sudden burst to traffic.Experienced with developing Monitoring and Anomaly detection in orders,microservices,CI,CD, development process optimization,containerization,production support

What is your ideal next job?

I have a breadth of experiences , masters in distributed systems,full stack experience  experience developing search systems,performant front ends ,apis and a passion for technology,architecture,customer friendly ideas,performance,scaling,efficiency. My recent efforts have been to optimize front end technologies but would love to be the entrepreneur employee who’s part of a great mission and has the flexibility to drive the technical/business vision, develop depth and experience in some newer big data frameworks and continue to learn,lead and grow taking on more responsibilities,calculated risks hiring,growing,scaling,inspiring great teams/services.

I suck at interviews .I almost always forget to explain my great experiences and learnings.Its a struggle to expose my knowledge and skills

Sample of work contributed at Cafepress

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dimplejoseph

Open source Contributions





My Hobbies
I’m a mom of three lovely boys .I love Cooking,dancing,reading and programming with kids

Creativity through Themed Cooking:


I’m a volunteer for Dev0xx4Kids , a group that teaches kids to program

Women in Tech


About me

I’m an accomplished technologist who has successfully hired,grown and lead high performing lean teams/products/services.

I’m also a mom of 3 boys , a Sunday School teacher , Malayalam language teacher .I love programming with kids and applying management principles and story telling to parenting my boys. . I’ve written several IOS apps with kids.I love delivering talks about topics I’m passionate about – tech talks, sermons in church, leading skits for  church Sunday School ,hosting themed parties .I’m known for my desserts and hosting amazing themed parties.I like surprising people and challenging myself to be creative .I’m extremely focused and love going the extra mile to make projects successful . Most of my best work is under stress and overnight.

As a manager/director I have fostered great culture and team dynamics,developed talent while keeping it fun.I’ve hosted tech talks,hackathons, led several team building events , won fun/tech competitions with my team. I love high trust collaborative environments .My fellow engineering team 100% participates at every event whether it was bollywood dancing,hackathon or Diwali or a competition. We strive to be High performing team where we have each others back and love  learning,innovation and growth , team engaged and happy.

I’m a constant learner .Whatever I do whether it’s cooking ,managing or teaching I try to do my best and I love learning.Every time you teach me something I’m ever grateful.I believe everything is possible if you add in the time and effort.

What would people describe me ?

leader, Hardworking,strong willed, focused, smart,kind ,considerate , unique , trustworthy, creative, and passionate

What are my strengths?

Technical leadership,Self aware,Decisive,Innovative,Creative,Inspiring,leadership,Curious,Courage(calculated risk taker),Competent,continuous learner,quick and nimble,team building, negotiation, managing up/down,Team player,results focused,fun

My greatest strength is my passion,persistence,simplifying complex problems . I can also work under tight deadlines under pressure. For example, I was asked to deliver CD.I worked with several teams over 1.5 years setting vision and direction to meet milestones and achieve CD for monolithic Workday app early this year.

I’m a continuous learner ,an entrepreneur employee who’s strongly biased for action and someone who is frugal with company assets as personal assets,ready to fill any role to make the team successful,goal driven,results oriented and loves to inspire,lead and build high performing teams/services.

I’ve stayed with companies through thick and thin and at times where certain decisions were unpopular championing value and vision of the company.I’ve removed roadblocks by simplifying and being decisive and not ashamed to admit failures ,quickly change course with consensus.I’ve propose value of knew concepts like responsive or CD so business value can be increased with little engineering effort.My teams have been happy inspired and ready to move companies to continue to be a team.

What are my weaknesses?

I suck at interviews .I almost always forget to explain my great experiences and learnings and how I could most definitely do what is needed to help companies succeed,

How would your boss describe you

  • My boss describes me as someone thoughtful for taking time to make Christmas present for 40 engineers and technical/reliable/knowledgeable for picking us new technologies and always delivering. He can always count on me

How would your colleagues describe you

  • My team describes me as thoughtful,knowledgeable as someone who takes initiative and doesn’t shy away from hard problems. My role involves a lot of interaction with Operations, development, support, quality. when things go wrong, each if these seek my input which is humbling. Rather than punting the problem back to the team, I always try to do what I can first. I know operations and team appreciates this.They are also thankful for career development and  mentoring and coaching them

In your career, what achievement were you most proud of?

Moving up to sr director of Engineering at Cafepress.com managing dev/qa/devops teams and the wealth of experience with SEO,integrations,payment,search,promotions,recommendations,AWS migration,hiring and growing distributed team,scaling distributed applications,a/b testing,benchmarking,monitoring,managing conversion funnel and product roadmap is something I’ll treasure.Thirst of knowledge and drive resulted in my name called out by the CEO of cafepress at All hands as a model employee for my work ethic,passion and drive.

What is my management style?

I’m an authentic leader who gives inspires team setting the business vision and technical direction ,I empower teams with resources they need to succeed , provide clear directions and stays pretty hands-off on delegated tasks.I’m ready and available to jump in to offer guidance, expertise, and help when needed.I consider management is a service and love to give and receive constructive feedback.My failures and success,colleagues have taught me me valuable lessons and I continue to learn and improve.I’m aware of the pulse of the team,remove road blocks,guide strategic direction,continuously improve product/team efficiency and love delivering results.My goal is to make sure we deliver company goals with a team that is learning,growing,happy & engaged and not burnt out.I hire diverse skills and talents and enable them to succeed through coaching.I foster a customer centric ,self driven team who upholds the company culture and values. I architect processes, metrics to have clarity of success and continuously improve efficiency.

What is authentic leadership – http://www.forbes.com/sites/kevinkruse/2013/05/12/what-is-authentic-leadership/

What are my 3 most favorite programming books?

Clean Code by Robert C. Martin,Design Patterns by the Gang of Four,The Mythical Man-Month

Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code,

Code Complete by Steve McConnell,Pragmatic Programmer;

What is my 3 most favorite management related books?

Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead 

Who Moved My Cheese? 

The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done 

Steve Jobs 

How do you mentor/grow inexperienced engineers?

  • Clear expectations as far as what is needed for the job
  • establish shared values
  • Respect and appreciate work and command the same by being a role model
  • Find common things you both agree on through a shared connection
  • Convey management is  a service and your role is to enable and empower not judge and find faults

What technical challenge are you most proud of solving?

I’m proud of every single one of them including the challenges that failed .I oversaw  development & architecture for Cafepress end-to-end solution (E-store/Site, Catalogue Management, Search Service , Customer service modules, partner sites(ebay,google,amazon marketplace,newegg),Integration(SOA/MOM), Cafepress Public/Developer Apis,Order management, Fraud engine, Payment gateway, Data warehouse, BI Engine, REST services over site/e-store, Android/IOS clients and Performance/scalability of solution etc)., leading a large development team across US & Bulgaria. This solution had the capability of processing over a 50000 orders/transactions per day and supporting 1 billion products , 50-150 million page views/day.Extensively used A/B testing and analytics to mitigate risk with releases and determine success of project,business growth,monitoring and performance.Advocate for centralizing all the tools so the business and operations looked at the same metrics and spoke the same language to determine success.Migrated custom Lucene based distributed search platform to Elastic Search distributed Platform,Reduced operation cost by half by Architecting & Migrating legacy website/services as multiple microservices that are continuously deployed to AWS,developed A/B testing,auto complete,spellchecker,recommendation,promotion services to increase engagement.A big advocate of data and digital transformation in businesses to get a 360 view of the customer whether it is their user experience or operation difficulty.

I love learning and re-doing past work with new learnings. There is so much i learned even from the smallest change .My favorite challenge is

  • Converted Cafepress website to social site where you upload content with ease and follow designers, leading to +30% increase in content.

 Favorite ideas/products you would like to be part of 

Self driving cars (take the monotony out of driving), google lens ,Love udacity/coursera (Online education/cheaper education/education as you need)

What would like to see in the future? 

Some thoughts while driving or ways to make our lives more efficient

  • Why should everyone own cars and waste garage space?
    • Cars/pods/gobblers as you need would be perfect.
  • Make distant distances reachable to minutes – Our ways to get far and quicker hasn’t changed much over the last few decades.Getting to destinations currently reachable in 1 hour could be reduced to matter of minutes(a great first step).
  • Remove offices and waste of office space – everyone offers services.HR service firms  could make it unnecessary for every company to rent spaces and own employees .Employees don’t have to have to drive to work
  • Online voting : why so we need mail/voting booths


Please see Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/dimplejoseph

Team Fun at work

Cafepress -https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152875418659477.1073741862.630079476&type=1&l=a86e874534

Workday – https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153643838564477.1073741886.630079476&type=1&l=7001261d0d

My favorite blogBeing privileged with success and failure in my life this article resonates with me “I’M GOING TO MAKE IT WORK” -https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/dear-class-2017-brace-yourselflife-isnt-fair-neither-business-grant

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